Edge IQ Sakting

  • Private figure skating lessons

  • Elite figure and hockey skate sharpening

  • Professional Skating program music editing

  • off-ice strength and conditioning Classes with certified trainer 

Learn to skate with Edge IQ!

Coach Amanda will teach you everything you need to know to be the best skater!  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater seeking championship performance, we provide all the necessary elements to help you achieve the highest level of skating success. 


  • Experienced Professional Skating Coaching
  • Certified off-ice strength and conditioning to enable great skating performance
  • Expert program music editing that emphasizes the excellence of skater performance
  • Elite skate sharpening to ensure skates help the skater make the most of their dedication

Edge IQ will give you all the tools to reach your greatest potential in the sport of figure skating.  Whether it’s your first day on the ice, or you’ve got a goal of making it to Nationals, or maybe just wishing you could compete for the first time, Coach Amanda can get you where you want to be.


Just one lesson will show you the Edge IQ difference.

The sport of figure skating is unique, beautiful, strong, and captivating.  A sport as unique as each athlete who embarks on a skating journey.  The daily pursuit of perfection on ice is endlessly challenging, yet endlessly rewarding.  Teaching the important skills of life through each spin and jump learned, each turn mastered, this is the gift of ice skating.

Get on your own road to skating excellence.


For the young beginner, for the seasoned competitor looking to land their best triple jump, for the adult that feels the fire to pick up where they left off, and everything in between, Edge IQ will be your last stop on the road to skating excellence.

Our Programs

On-Ice trraining

On-Ice Lessons

  • Basic Skating
  • Moves in the Field
  • Jumps/Spins
  • Competition preparation
  • Compulsory Ice Dance
  • Testing
  • Assessment

Off-Ice Training

  • Assessment
  • Home and Class Program Development
  • Individual and Group Classes
  • Ballet
Elite skate sharpening

Elite Figure and Hockey Skate Sharpening

  • Professional, experienced sharpening
  • Attention to detail
  • Perfectly leveled and smooth edges
  • Correct radius of hollow for the skater’s level
  • Consistent quality across sharpenings
  • Communication with skater to address specific needs
  • Drop off / pick up that works with your schedule


is power.  Through knowing the ins and outs of all aspects of the sport of figure skating, from the grassroots level to the Olympics, Edge IQ takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of your skating journey.  Whether your needs include just knowing which boot and blade are best for your level, or a head coach to develop your masterpiece senior freeskate, we are here for you.  We have the background, skills, and intelligence to get you where you want to be.


is what it’s all about.  Knowing you can rely Edge IQ to tell you everything you need to do to reach your goals is as important as knowing you can rely on them to be there every day, committed to your individual success.  If you are fully committed, let Edge IQ guide you to your highest step.




is a requirement to accomplish anything challenging.  What keeps you coming back to the rink everyday?  What keeps you lacing up your skates and dreaming about your blade gliding effortlessly across the ice?  Nothing else feels like ice skating.  Being passionate about skating will carry you to great heights in this amazing sport.  Edge IQ shares your passion for skating, and will demonstrate that passion for success in every lesson year after year.


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I’ve been training with Amanda for almost four years, in that time I’ve passed countless moves in the field and free skate tests faster than ever before!

Amanda is someone I feel I can come to with any issue and she’ll help me through it. There’s lots of pressure from the skating community to look a certain way, Amanda has acknowledged that and has always encouraged a healthy lifestyle to all of her students.

In all four years I’ve trained with Amanda, she has never been late or not showed up to a lesson! Amanda creates a fun environment at every rink she teaches at, and has lots of connections in the skating community!

Kendall L.

Amanda is a terrific coach who pushes her skaters to reach their highest potential.  She sets goals with her skaters and works with them to make sure they get the right on-ice classes, off-ice classes and testing sessions.  She compiles practice plans appropriate for each skater’s level and teaches them how to practice effectively on their own as well as with a coach.

She made sure that my  skater worked on all aspects of skating – including freestyle, dance and moves – to become a beautiful, well-rounded skater with impeccable technique.

And, she’s extremely organized with scheduling and billing – always planning ahead for holidays, school breaks and working around the rink’s inconsistent schedule.  Amanda cares deeply about her skaters – pushing them to be their best but always remaining sensitive to what each skater needs.


Robyn N.

As a coach, Amanda is serious but understanding. She gets results while adapting to the needs of her athlete. She coaches the whole person focusing not only on skating skills but also on artistic expression, physical conditioning, mental outlook, personal organization, and learning technique.

Her athletes excel despite the daily forces that work against achievement.  Amanda’s guidance develops her athletes far beyond skating. As a consequence, my daughter enjoys the sport immensely, has made amazing progress, and could not imagine anyone other than Amanda as her coach and mentor.

John F.