SKating Program Music Editing

Music Editing for Skating Programs

For the best skating music editing in the Chicagoland area, contact Edge IQ Skating. 

Prices start at $20 for a 1 minute program. This price includes a digital copy and 2 cd copies with labels.  

Professional skating music editing requires a trained musical ear to understand phrasing and avoid improper cuts that distract the listener instead of enhancing the skater. Amanda has been playing music since age 3.  Classically trained in violin, piano, and string bass, and currently the principal string bassist in the Dupage Symphony, Amanda is uniquely suited to edit music according to the most professional standards.

Understanding rink acoustics and necessary sound levels specific to ice rinks, as well as the likes / dislikes of judges in the sport of figure skating are other important aspects of what sets Edge IQ apart.

Here’s what you can expect from a program edited by Edge IQ;

  • Seamless editing with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Sound levels appropriate for ice arenas
  • Proper length of program for each skating level
  • Digital copy in common format
  • 2 CD copies upon request

Can’t decide what music to use? Edge IQ is happy to recommend age and level appropriate music after consulting with skater / parent and coach.  A library of pre-cut options is available at a reduced cost if needed.

Contact Edge IQ for the best program music editing experience!